Berry Geerts

Production Manager

My name is Berry Geerts. As production manager, I am responsible for the physical construction and assembly of our machines, but also for the logistics part of the organisation. I lead a team of 30 people and it gives me a lot of energy creating beautiful machines together... because those we make!

13 years ago I started to work at Lan as a software engineer. Since then, Lan gave me a lot of opportunities to develop myself which I have always embraced these with arms. After working as a team leader and then project manager, I am now happy in my role as production manager.

Before I started to work at Lan, technique already was my main hobby. I also spend a lot of time in associations so it really feels like I've been able to work my hobby. The combination of an atmosphere of professional sociability and pleasant colleagues makes that I always come to work whistling.

I appreciate giving “my” people responsibility and sometimes even dare to let them “swim” a bit. I believe that when you put people in a learning and inspiring environment, challenge and guide them, you will achieve maximum result. Both for the employee as for Lan.

I'm grateful for all the opportunities and support Lan provided me during the years which have helped me to be where I am today!

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