Agri food

Focus on food safety while demand is rising

Sustainable production of healthy and safe food

These are dynamic times for the agri and food sector.

Food needs are increasing due to an increasing world population (9 billion by 2050) and rising prosperity. This has an environmental impact. At the same time, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding; they want safe, fresh products, but with the best possible shelf life and, if possible, fully traceable. Therefore, topics such as efficiency, traceability and zero food waste are becoming more important for you as a producer. Often there is still much to be gained in your production lines. Our sustainable end-of-line automation solutions will help you.

Solutions that help you grow

Case packing

User-friendly and fast system for efficiently loading bags, trays, stretch or flow wrapped products into crates or cardboard boxes.

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Heavy duty stainless steel crate de-stackers and stackers with a capacity range from 15 to 30 crates.

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Bale arm folding

Using bale arm crates? Benefit from our unique folding system that automatically places the stacking arms in the correct stacking position.

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Save time and space, while doing away with physically demanding work. From a simple low cost layout with pallets on the floor to a fully automated palletising solution.

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