Lan Handling Technologies operates worldwide

To meet global challenges in the continuous need for safe food products

We have built something… over the past 50 years

Lan Handling Technologies was founded in an attic in 1969 by drawing three palletisers, a loader and unloader for our first customer Burcht Conserven, our business grew considerably in the nineties. In 1995 90% was export and complete machine lines for canned fruit and vegetables and (pet) food factories were built at that time.

In the years after 2000…

our customers expected more and more data and capacity. Robots were integrated in our handling systems to meet these needs. In July 2015 Lan acquired Abar Automation BV, situated in Halfweg near Amsterdam. Together we now also manufacture handling systems for bags, bins, stretch and flow-wrapped products. And from here? These days we partner with universities and innovative start-ups on topics such as Industry 4.0, Digital Twins and Big Data. So, are you ready to move your business?

Abar Automation BV

Global presence

Even though we will remain true to our Dutch roots, we are proud that you can find more than 500 of our handling systems worldwide. With our dedicated sales managers, technicians and service team we are able to offer insight into local challenges.

Our employees in both our Tilburg, Halfweg, and North American based operations, work towards one common goal: using the power of technology to answer your global challenges in the continuous need for safe food products.

Brands we work for

We involve our customers and partners

to meet and exceed expectations.

Product handling for Hipp
Product handling for Hilton
Project Engineer Mechanical
Lan Handling Tilburg

How we work

At Lan, we employ a multidisciplinary team that handles a project from initiation to installation. While mechanical, electrical and software designers work together to achieve the best results, you benefit from one designated contact during the project.

We define four stages in which you are closely involved:

  1. Engineering (mechanical, electrical and software)
  2. In-house assembly and testing
  3. On site installation, commissioning and training
  4. Service and support

We make sure that our Code of Conduct is adhered to in all our activities.

Batch retort loading specialist - Lan Handling